Child Support Attorneys

Obtaining & Modifying Child Support

Child Support in New Hampshire

Child support matters are a fundamental aspect of most family law cases.  In fact, for both parties, it is often the largest financial responsibility at stake.  Hiring child support attorneys like Attorney Schoff or Attorney Reardon can help ensure that your case adheres to the appropriate New Hampshire standards.

Addressing Children's Financial Need

Every individual bears the responsibility for meeting the financial needs of their children. The objective of child support is to ensure that following divorce or separation, the children maintain a standard of living that is comparable to that of the other parent.  Frequently, what determines child support payments is the respective income of the parents. The parent with the higher income is capable of elevating the living standard of the parent with the lower income, thereby enabling the children to experience a somewhat parallel lifestyle when residing with each parent.

Calculating the Amount

The numerical calculation of child support is generally straightforward. New Hampshire even provides an online calculator. However, what becomes open to interpretation are the specific figures employed in the calculation. Factors like health insurance, retirement contributions, and the methodology for determining one’s income, all significantly impact the eventual result.


Child support generally continues until the child reaches 18. A court order for payment or receipt can extend for a considerable amount of time. Shifts in employment or other life circumstances may warrant adjustments to a child support order. Engaging the right attorneys can make a significant financial difference.

Who is Responsible?

Determining the party responsible for child support isn’t always as straightforward as it might appear. Parents can provide non-monetary contributions, such as health insurance, childcare, and other essential services for their children. When deciding payment allocation and amounts, a court evaluates numerous factors to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Changing & Modifying Child Support

Child support is largely determined by the incomes of the parties and the amount of time each parent spends with the children. It’s common for circumstances to change while a child support order is in effect. Changes like employment shifts, salary adjustments, or alterations in parenting time can all prompt a need to modify the existing child support order.

When these changes occur, it’s often challenging for the adversely affected party to agree to the modification. A reduction in support for one party or an increase in payment for the other can strain the relationship and lead to hostility. Engaging a child support attorney to guide you through a modification process will ensure that you achieve the most favorable outcome possible.

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services has a great resource on child support.  It provides a lot of information and can be a good starting point before retaining a child support attorney.