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New Hampshire Divorce Attorneys

New Hampshire Divorce Attorneys

Litigation and Settlement

Experienced Divorce Lawyers

Attorney Schoff & Attorney Reardon have over 30 years of combined experience working in divorce and family law.  They handle complex and difficult cases all over New Hampshire.

Selecting Your Divorce Attorney

Choosing the right divorce lawyers can significantly influence the final outcome of your case. A qualified New Hampshire divorce attorney will safeguard the rights of not only you but also your children and property. Schoff & Reardon is here to guide you through the process, ensuring your voice is heard.

Divorce cases can be intricate, involving various grounds for divorce, multiple documents, and strict adherence to technical regulations. Additionally, meticulous disclosure of debts and assets in a financial affidavit is essential. A skilled attorney can provide valuable guidance throughout this intricate process.


Divorce is a profoundly challenging experience for all parties involved, often leading to significant emotional strain on both spouses and children. Recognizing that divorce encompasses both legal and emotional dimensions, we understand the importance of addressing these aspects throughout the process.


Specializing exclusively in family law and divorce, our practice is dedicated to these areas, setting us apart from general practice firms. We have committed our time, effort, and ongoing education to continuously enhance our expertise in divorce and divorce litigation.


Legal processes can be both costly and time-consuming. Our objective is to expedite the divorce litigation and settlement procedures, promoting efficiency and speed. Through this commitment to efficiency, we effectively control the overall cost of the divorce process.

Our Attorneys

With a collective experience of 30 years, Tara and Ian bring expertise as divorce attorneys. Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, we serve clients statewide, adeptly navigating settlement, negotiations, and litigation for even the most intricate and complex cases.