Divorce Attorneys in New Hampshire

Litigation and Settlement

Experienced Divorce Lawyers

The attorneys at Schoff & Reardon, PLLC have over 35 years of combined experience assisting clients in divorce proceedings. Both Attorney Schoff and Attorney Reardon have successfully managed complex and challenging cases throughout New Hampshire. They handle a wide range of divorce cases, whether through courtroom litigation, mediation, or out-of-court settlements.  While they work with clients all over New Hampshire most of their case are in the Seacoast area, including Portsmouth, Hampton, and Dover.

Tara C. Schoff, Esq.

Tara brings over 25 years of experience to her practice, specializing in complex divorce litigation. Nearly her entire career has been dedicated to family law related matters.

Tara’s Qualifications

Ian R. Reardon, Esq.

Ian offers over ten-years of experience in handling divorce cases, accompanied by significant training in mediation, settlement, and collaborative law.

Ian’s Qualifications

Selecting Your Divorce Attorney

Selecting the right divorce attorney can have a profound impact on the ultimate outcome of your case. A skilled New Hampshire attorney will protect not only your rights but also those of your children. At Schoff & Reardon, we are here to support you through the entire process, ensuring that your voice is heard.

The attorneys at Schoff & Reardon always prioritize their clients’ best interests. Sometimes, making a minor compromise can lead to a substantial savings in legal fees, while in other situations, going to court is the only way to achieve a fair outcome. Divorce cases can be incredibly complex, but our experienced attorneys can guide you in making the right decisions.

Areas We Service

We represent clients all over New Hampshire, but our focus is in Rockingham and Strafford Counties, including:


Divorce is a profoundly challenging experience for all parties involved, often leading to significant emotional strain on both spouses and children. Recognizing that divorce encompasses both legal and emotional dimensions, we understand the importance of addressing these aspects throughout the process.


Specializing exclusively in family law and divorce, our practice is dedicated to these areas, setting us apart from general practice firms. We have committed our time, effort, and ongoing education to continuously enhance our expertise in divorce and divorce litigation.


The legal processes can be both costly and time-consuming. One of our objectives is to expedite the divorce process by promoting efficiency and speed. Through this commitment to efficiency, we can effectively control the overall cost of the legal proceedings.

A Wholistic Look at Divorce

Our Attorneys Approach to Divorce

In New Hampshire, all attorneys will offer different approaches to divorce settlement and litigation. At Schoff & Reardon, we stand out as a boutique divorce law firm with a primary focus on divorce and family law. This dedication means that the vast majority of cases we handle are directly related to divorce or closely associated matters.

Larger law firms, often handling many different types of law, may find it challenging to match the depth of divorce knowledge and personalized service that we wholeheartedly commit to providing. As a client of our firm, you can expect direct access and communication without the frustration of navigating bureaucratic hurdles or enduring lengthy response times.

During our initial consultations, we see the process as a two-way street; we are not trying to sell ourselves, but trying to determine if our firm would be a good fit for the client. We accept cases only when we genuinely believe we can provide highly effective representation.