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Schoff & Reardon, PLLC is a divorce law firm located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We maintain two conveniently situated offices, one in the downtown area at 155 Fleet Street, Portsmouth NH, 03801 and the other at 1 New Hampshire Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801 near Pease Airport. Attorneys Schoff and Reardon are lifelong residents of Portsmouth, and both grew up in the Seacoast. Their extensive familiarity with the area can be a valuable asset in the handling of divorce cases. This local knowledge includes valuable connections with experts like accountants and real estate appraisers.  It is also likely that our attorneys will have a strong working relationships with the divorce attorney on the other side of your case.

Experienced Attorneys

Our attorneys have over 35 years of combined experience practicing divorce and handling complex cases.

Local Knowledge

Both Tara and Ian are Portsmouth natives and have been practicing here for nearly their entire careers.

Office Locations

One office downtown near the Portsmouth District Court, and another at Pease with easier access to parking.
Portsmouth Family Court

111 Parrott Ave, Portsmouth, NH
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About Divorce in Portsmouth New Hampshire

While the process of getting divorced in New Hampshire is consistent across all courts, there are a few geographical differences worth noting about Portsmouth and the Portsmouth Family Court.

    • The Family Court is located on the edge of downtown at 111 Parrott Ave. Here is a link to its location on Google Maps. Please note that parking is quite limited. If you have a hearing or any other matter, it’s advisable to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to ensure you can find parking.
    • The Family Court services not only Portsmouth, but the towns of Greenland, New Castle, Newington, and Rye.  If you live in any of these towns and you file for divorce, this is where you’ll be attending court.
    • There is a shortage of judicial staff and judges throughout the entire family law system in New Hampshire, and this is no exception. If you appear in court here, you may encounter different judges throughout the legal process.
    • The Seacoast, and the areas serviced by the family court, are relatively high income with significant assets compared to many other cities and towns. Consequently, this often results in a more expensive divorce, as the high values involved can lead to complex legal issues.
    • Portsmouth is home to numerous divorce law firms, each with a distinct approach to practicing divorce law. Some attorneys are recognized for their assertiveness and litigation-focused approach, while others prioritize settlement and mediation.  You should interview several attorneys before making your choice.

Why Choose a Local Portsmouth Divorce Attorney

Although it may not seem intuitive, having a divorce attorney who resides and practices in your community can be highly beneficial during the divorce process. They can more readily relate to your experiences and challenges as fellow residents of the Seacoast.

    • Having an attorney who is part of the local community also means gaining access to their network of trusted local service providers. Divorce nearly always involves various other professionals, such as accountants, real estate agents and appraisers, therapists, expert witnesses, and many more.
    • Experience working with other local attorneys. With a combined 35 years of practicing divorce law in Portsmouth, our attorneys have established relationships with nearly every local divorce lawyer. When your attorney maintains a strong working relationship with opposing counsel, it can significantly enhance the efficiency and smoothness of your case.